Arkham News Roundup: Week of 12/16/18

A roundup of some Arkham Horror: The Card Game announcements, previews, community postings and other items of interest from the past week.

Official Player Card Previews

On Monday of this past week Fantasy Flight posted a preview article showing off a few of the new player cards from the upcoming Return to the Dunwich Legacy upgrade expansion. Unfortunately, due to the fact that these player cards leaked online a few weeks ago, this preview wasn’t quite as exciting as it might otherwise have been.

It looked like that might be it for the week, but Fantasy Flight came through on Friday with a great Circle Undone preview article showcasing the remaining 2 unknown investigators from that deluxe box: Joe Diamond, the Private Investigator; and Preston Fairmont, the Millionaire. Both feature unique mechanics that should make for interesting play. The article also shows off 2 player cards from the deluxe box, including a new Rogue event which introduces the idea of a “resource test.” Some random observations:

  • I wonder if “resource tests” might be a recurring theme for the Rogue player cards this cycle, similar to the way Mystics had token sealing in Forgotten Age. If so, could we see a new skill icon for boosting resource tests? Another possibility is that resource tests could be a theme within a scenario in the campaign. That might fit for something based around the Order of the Silver Twilight.
  • Last cycle featured the Illicit trait as a minor Rogue subtheme. The trait’s been present from the beginning (every Rogue weapon so far has had it), but we saw it called out by Finn and Fence. With Preston Fairmont barred from taking Illicit cards, I wonder if we might see the trait take a back seat for this cycle.
  • You can see what’s probably some new player card artwork as the black-and-white background image behind the Joe Diamond card fan: a tarot card of Death, which may be a suite-mate to the previously previewed Rogue asset The Moon XVIII.

Developer Interview

If you enjoyed last week’s interview with Matt Newman over on Drawn to the Flame, you can check out another interview this week over on the Mythos Busters podcast. There’s some overlap in the discussion with the previous interview from Drawn to the Flame, but plenty of new info as well (including some talk about the Guardians of the Abyss scenario pack).