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As part of the “Designer Journal” article series on Fantasy Flight’s website, designer Matt Newman has begun to offer up “designer challenges” for Arkham Horror: The Card Game. These challenges ask players to attempt specific Arkham scenarios in standalone mode while following special restrictions and instructions (“ultimatums”). The ultimatums are specifically tailored to each designer challenge and affect deckbuilding, scenario setup, and play. If you’re looking to play a one-off game of Arkham in standalone mode (perhaps at a store event) then you may find these to be an interesting alternative to using a scenario’s normal standalone setup. They bring a little of the “deckbuilding puzzle” experience from The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game over to Arkham (instead of building a deck that can handle a full campaign of varied challenges, you’re building a specialized deck for one specific trial).

I have included links to a couple of decks that were designed specifically for playing these challenges. If you want to preserve the puzzle aspect of the challenge for yourself then I would suggest not looking at others’ decklists until you’ve had a chance to explore each challenge on your own.


Challenge #1: Then It Multiplied

This challenge pits the investigators against a full host of Undimensioned and Unseen‘s rampaging Brood of Yog-Sothoth enemies. How many can you bring down?

“Then It Multiplied” Article Link
 July 27, 2018
Expansions Required: Core Set, The Dunwich Legacy, and Undimensioned and Unseen
Latest Expansion at Time of Release: The Boundary Beyond. This challenge’s list of banned cards includes every “extra movement” effect available when it was released. If you’re doing this one later on and you want to maintain the spirit of the challenge, restrict yourself from using any later cards with similar movement effects.

Sample Decklists:


Challenge #2: Death Itself

In this challenge the investigators descend once again into the labyrinthine catacombs of The Pallid Mask. In the original scenario death was content to give the investigators a bit of a head start, but that’s no longer the case here: the investigators will find themselves hunted from the very first turn by a relentless, unstoppable version of the scenario’s Specter of Death foe.

“Death Itself” Article Link
Posted: September 14, 2018
Expansions Required: Core Set, The Path to Carcosa, and The Pallid Mask
Latest Expansion at Time of Release:
The City of Archives

Sample Decklists:


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