Arkham Roundup: 03/17/19

A roundup of some recent Arkham Horror: The Card Game announcements, previews, community postings and other items of interest.

The Secret Name Released

Last week’s biggest news was the retail release of The Secret Name, which hit U.S. shelves on the 14th. I’ve had a chance to play the new scenario a handful of times now and overall I’ve found it to be enjoyable experience (even though I’ve yet to achieve a successful resolution). If you have the opportunity, I would encourage you to check out the Lovecraft story “The Dreams in the Witch House” before you play this one, as it draws a significant amount of inspiration (and flavor text) from that story. You can read it here.

If you haven’t seen the pack’s new player cards yet, you can check those out over on ArkhamDB. I’m hoping to have my own player card rundown video for the pack done in the near future, but for now I’ll say I think The Secret Name will go down as a top-tier pack on the player card front. A few members of the community have already posted looks at the new player cards. The blog Though the Gates posted their written impressions of the new cards, and over on YouTube the channel Optimal Play has done a video review.

One thing to be aware of as you dive into the pack: there was a day one errata revising the way the pack’s new multiclass cards interact with the deckbuilding requirements of investigators with access to limited numbers of cards. The printed rules in the pack’s insert explain that if an investigator “has limited access to one of the classes on a multiclass card, that card will still occupy one of those slots, even if the investigator has unlimited access to that card’s other class.” The insert uses Carolyn Fern as an example, explaining that even though Carolyn has unlimited access to Guardian cards, the Guardian/Mystic card Enchanted Blade would still count as one of her 15 Seeker and/or Mystic cards. This has been amended and is no longer correct. You can view the updated text in the online version of the campaign guide in the Support section on Fantasy Flight’s website. The amended rule reads, “If an investigator has limited access to one of the classes on a multiclass card and unlimited access to one of the other classes on that card, it will still occupy one of the investigator’s limited slots unless their deckbuilding options contains the word ‘other’ in it.” Under this new rule, Enchanted Blade would not count as one of Carolyn’s 15 Seeker and/or Mystic cards.

The Wages of Sin Card Preview

Now that The Secret Name is out we’ll hopefully be settling into the typical once-a-month release pattern for new Mythos Packs. That means The Wages of Sin isn’t far off, and we’ve just had our first community card preview for Wages from the folks over at the Mythos Busters podcast. This weekend they got to show off Sixth Sense, an upcoming Mystic card. If you missed the live stream of the preview you can watch the recording over on YouTube.

The Great Old Ones Podcast

Last but not least for this week, I want to point you to a newly launched Arkham-focused podcast, The Great Old Ones. This new show is a collaboration between a few established Arkham content creators from YouTube, so you may already be familiar with some of the voices behind it. One of the ways you can listen is via YouTube; here’s the show’s first episode:

Arkham Roundup: 03/03/19

A roundup of some recent Arkham Horror: The Card Game announcements, previews, community postings and other items of interest.

The Secret Name

A few days ago Team Covenant began processing subscription charges for The Secret Name, which means the pack’s U.S. release is imminent. If the normal pattern holds we should be getting it on Thursday, March 14. In the meantime, if you’re itching for Secret Name card previews and you missed the stream by the Mythos Busters on Twitch last week, you can check out the video over on YouTube. The new card they previewed is Intel Report, which looks to be a very useful addition to the Rogue toolbox.

Video Content

Over on the video side I’ve posted Part 1 of my player card rundown series for The Circle Undone deluxe box:

That’s it for this week. Good luck in your investigations!

Arkham Roundup: 02/24/19

A roundup of some recent Arkham Horror: The Card Game announcements, previews, community postings and other items of interest.

In The Clutches of Chaos Announced

Fantasy Flight has announced the fifth Mythos Pack of The Circle Undone, titled In the Clutches of Chaos. It looks as though this scenario may be drawing inspiration from the gameplay of the Arkham Horror board games, with the investigators racing around the city of Arkham to close breaches as the city destabilizes. That seems suitable given this cycle’s focus on exploring Arkham itself. There are a handful of player card previews in the article, including a very exciting card for the Mystic class, so be sure to take a look at the announcement.

The Secret Name Previews

Speaking of player cards – on their latest episode the Drawn to the Flame podcast had an opportunity to preview a new player card from the upcoming The Secret Name Mythos Pack. You can check out the card image here. Not to be outdone, the Mythos Busters have announced that they too will be previewing a card from The Secret Name over on their Twitch channel tomorrow night (Monday, February 25 at 9:00 P.M. central).

The Circle Undone Errata

An error has been discovered in the scenario The Witching Hour from The Circle Undone where, depending on which random locations are in play, it’s possible for the scenario to be unwinnable in a small number of 1- or 2-player setups (games with 3 or more players are unaffected). An official errata to fix this issue should be forthcoming but for now we have a temporary solution from lead developer Matt Newman, shared in a post on this thread at the FFG forums. Matt recommends setting the scenario up with 5 Witch-Haunted Woods locations in play instead of just 4 (following the usual instructions for distributing the locations as evenly as possible). He says a future edition of the FAQ will either make this change permanent or address the issue in some other way.


Over on the Atlas Agency YouTube I’ve just uploaded a (belated) scenario impressions video covering The City of Archives:

I also recently pieced together something a little different on YouTube: a sampler playlist featuring one video from each of the Arkham-related YouTube channels. If you’re looking to explore Arkham video content, this should be a good way to get a taste of the different creators who are out there. I limited this to active channels that are specifically focused on Arkham Horror: The Card Game. 

I limited this playlist to English-language channels, but in putting it together I did come across a newly-launched Spanish-language Arkham Channel, Los Archivos de Arkham, which may be of interest to some of you.

Arkham News Roundup: Week of 12/23/18

A roundup of some Arkham Horror: The Card Game announcements, previews, community postings and other items of interest from the past week.


The week’s biggest Arkham news was Fantasy Flight’s announcement of the third Mythos Pack of The Circle Undone, titled For the Greater Good. I love the dissonance between the noble-sounding name “For The Greater Good” and the horrifying, towering abomination gracing the pack’s cover. Let’s hope this isn’t a thing we actually have to face down this early in the campaign.

The announcement includes previews of some new upgrades to the multi-class player cards we first saw back in the announcement for The Secret Name. These new upgrades are no longer multi-class, but instead they branch into separate versions for each of their initial classes. For example, the level 0 Tennessee Sour Mash splits into two different level 3 options, one for Survivors and another for Rogues. I was not a huge fan of the multi-class cards as they were originally announced, but I like this development. Since the game already has plenty of variety between investigators when it comes to which cards they’re allowed to take, and since there’s no resource match requirement when playing cards, the multi-class cards felt a little unnecessary to me. Having them branch into separate upgrades for each class makes the idea of the multi-class cards a little more appealing to me.


In some places outside the U.S., Return to the Dunwich Legacy has now hit retail shelves. While Fantasy Flight’s Upcoming page doesn’t yet have a release date listed for it, the buzz is that the U.S. street date should be in early January. In the meantime, if you’re curious about the box you can benefit from those lucky enough to be in places where it has hit shelves: Arkham Chronicle has posted a nice spoiler-free preview video showing off the box and its contents; and Cambro has done a video looking at its new player cards.


Miskatonic University Radio’s newly posted Episode 11, “Scary Encounter Card Power Rankings,” talks through some of the nastiest treacheries the game has thrown at us to date. This one has encounter card spoilers up through Forgotten Age.

The Atlas Agency

Finally, I just uploaded a video of my own taking a (belated) look at the player cards of The Depths of Yoth:

Arkham News Roundup: Week of 11/25/18

A roundup of some Arkham Horror: The Card Game announcements, previews, community postings and other items of interest from the past week.


Fantasy Flight kicked the week off on Monday with a new preview article for the upcoming upgrade expansion Return to the Dunwich Legacy. This was the first preview since the expansion’s initial announcement back in September, and I have to say I like what I’m seeing of this one so far. This preview focused on the expansion’s updated version of the scenario The House Always Wins, and it showed off a couple of interesting new scenario cards that seem to build well on the original experience.

If Monday’s official preview article wasn’t enough Return to the Dunwich Legacy to satisfy you, you can supplement it with an unofficial look ahead over at the newly formed Arkham blog The ChiLo Horror. They ran an article last weekend that outlines the issues they are most eager to see “patched” in Dunwich’s upgrade expansion. I think the article does a good job of identifying some of the rough edges in the Dunwich experience that could stand to be smoothed out in the return trip, and I hope some of the items brought up in the post really do get addressed in the expansion (Return to the Night of the Zealot didn’t end up doing as much of this sort of patching as I would have liked).

In non-Dunwich news, it appears the Guardians of the Abyss scenario pack will be out very soon. This is the retail release of the 2 scenarios from this year’s Gen Con and Arkham Nights events. Although Fantasy Flight’s Upcoming Products page still lists Guardians of the Abyss as “On the Boat,” Team Covenant subscription charges for the product ran around November 26 and that’s usually a good sign that a release is around 2 weeks away. If it’s not out this coming week on December 6 then it will probably land on December 13.

Last but not least, on Friday Fantasy Flight announced The Wages of Sin, the second Mythos Pack of The Circle Undone cycle. This pack leads the investigators to Hangman’s Hill in Arkham’s Uptown district (recently featured in the new edition of the Arkham Horror board game – Hangman’s Hill is described in the deluxe rulebook as a potter’s field where “vagrants, criminals, and unidentified bodies are interred”). The announcement article included previews for 3 new player cards, all of which happened to be allies. Will all 5 classes get new allies in this pack? It might be the case, but I’ve been burned making assumptions like that in the past (the incomplete suite of Patron allies from The Path to Carcosa cycle comes to mind – poor Guardians). One of the new allies previewed in the article, the Rogue ally Henry Wan, has already been the subject of a mathematical analysis by user Auckmid over on the Arkham subreddit.


This isn’t directly tied to the Arkham LCG, but Arkham fans may remember the excellent Jeff Lee Johnson art piece “Blue Plate Special” which originally appeared with the Gloria Goldberg story in The Investigators of Arkham Horror (on page 41 of the book, or online here). At first glance the image presents a fairly ordinary diner scene but closer inspection reveals numerous unsettling details. Searching for all of the hidden horrors makes for a fun activity, and the image achieved some popularity even outside of the Arkham community. This week Johnson posted “The Grand International Hotel,” a follow-up piece in the same spirit which he calls “the next image in the series.” It appears this new piece is not an Arkham Files commission (he mentions owning the rights to it himself), but if you enjoyed hunting through “Blue Plate Special” (I know I did) then you should definitely check it out.

Where Doom Awaits Spotlight

I’ve fallen behind on posting updates on the main page here, but I have been continuing on with updates to the Case Log as well as new Mythos Pack spotlight videos. The video for Where Doom Awaits just went up tonight:

Hope you enjoy. Where Doom Awaits left me quite eagerly awaiting next month’s Mythos Pack, which will bring the Dunwich campaign to a conclusion. Here’s hoping at least one of my ongoing campaigns sees things through to a victorious resolution…

Mythos Pack Spotlight: The Essex County Express

My video covering The Essex County Express is now up:

If that’s not enough Essex County Express action for you, the Case Log was also updated back on March 30 with the entry for Essex. We’re now just about a week out from the next Mythos pack, Blood on the Altar, and I’m hoping for a quick turnaround on getting that one written up for the Case Log as well.

Video Spotlight: The Miskatonic Museum

I’ve just finished uploading our first piece of video content: a video review of The Miskatonic Museum. The video covers both the scenario and the player cards. Check it out:

This is my first time to venture into this sort of thing and it was definitely a learning experience, but overall I’m happy with how this turned out. I’m intending to continue doing videos (with some refinements) as the expansions keep rolling out. The next video should be something similar covering The Essex County Express, which just arrived in my mailbox today.