Arkham Roundup: Week of 01/13/19

A roundup of some Arkham Horror: The Card Game announcements, previews, community postings and other items of interest from the past week.

The Circle Undone Approaches

I thought last week that we were at the end of the previews for Circle Undone but we were treated to one (presumably final) preview this week, this time unveiling some of the encounter cards we’ll be facing. There weren’t any new player cards previewed in this article, so feel free to skip it if you’re someone who likes to avoid encounter card spoilers

The wait for this set is almost over – it looks like the U.S. street date for The Circle Undone will be January 31.

The Deep Wait

This week finally saw a restock of all 5 of the Arkham Files novellas, but frustratingly they seem to have disappeared just as quickly as they arrived. You may have luck finding copies at your local store, but Fantasy Flight’s web shop already shows all 5 novellas as back out of stock and it looks like it may be months before another printing rolls in. I think the situation with the novellas was probably the biggest Arkham-related disappointment of 2018, and it’s unfortunate to see it still hasn’t been resolved.

Popularity Contest

We’re now up to a total of 25 playable investigators in Arkham (soon to be 30 when Circle lands). If you’ve ever wondered which of those investigators are the most popular among players, Andy at GravyAnecdote has you covered with the article “Which investigators are the most popular on” There are several interesting charts in the article, including one mapping out the investigators’ shifts in relative popularity over time (for example, you can see interest in Jim Culver spiking during Forgotten Age).

If you’re just starting to explore these investigators for yourself, you may want to check out the primer “The 4 Investigator Roles” posted this week over on the ChiLo Horror blog. This is a beginner-friendly look at the different gameplay roles that investigators can serve within a party.

Space and Time

That’s it for this week. A programming note – there will not be a roundup post next week or the week after, as I will be away on vacation. Look for the next one to be around February 10.