The Rolodex: The Forgotten Age Investigators

The Forgotten Age deluxe expansion comes with 5 new investigators:

  • Leo Anderson, a hardened expedition leader who’s led groups into some of the most dangerous and obscure corners of the globe. Leo is a Guardian who also has access to lower-level Rogue cards.
  • Ursula Downs, a world-traveling explorer with an interest in forgotten civilizations. Ursula is a Seeker who also has access to most cards with the Relic trait.
  • Father Mateo, a priest who has crossed paths with the children of Yig. Mateo is a Mystic who also has access to lower-level cards with the Blessed trait.
  • Calvin Wright, a man haunted by a vision of a future calamity he cannot accept. Perhaps the most unique investigator in the set due to his 0/0/0/0 starting stats, Calvin is a Survivor who also has access to lower-level cards with the Spirit trait.
  • And then there’s Finn Edwards, a bootlegger who’s probably doing pretty good business given the things everyone else has seen. Finn’s deckbuilding rules are the most unique out of the group; he’s a Rogue, but he has limited access to their higher-level cards and instead gets a small number of level 0 Seeker and/or Survivor cards, plus any cards with the Illicit trait up to level 5.

Three of these investigators have obvious thematic ties to The Forgotten Age‘s campaign (Leo and Ursula as explorers, and Mateo through his connections to Mexico and to Yig).

This page is a work in progress – I will be adding entries for the new investigators over time. Since Ursula’s entry was complete (sort of – there aren’t a lot of published decklists to draw from yet) I decided to go ahead and open up the page.

Ursula Downs (The Explorer)

Ursula’s drive to explore is represented by a movement-related special ability: once per round, when Ursula moves to a location, she can take a free investigate action. This is an incredibly easy ability to take frequent advantage of, and it makes Ursula a very efficient clue-gatherer – especially once you add in cards like Pathfinder that grant her extra movement. Pull together some intellect boosts via cards like Magnifying Glass or Higher Education and Ursula will be able to quickly strip locations of clues. She does have some deckbuilding rules that are fairly restrictive – her only access to out-of-faction cards is trait-based and at the moment there aren’t all that many Relic cards (especially at level 0). Seekers at least have a strong pool of in-faction cards at level 0, and the Relic count does look poised to expand during the current cycle. Ursula also has a weak Combat skill of only 1, though thanks to her Agility of 4 she may actually be better-equipped to handle enemies (by evading) than other Seekers with more balanced scores in these stats.

Deckbuilding Rules

  • Deck Size: 30.
  • Options: Seeker cards level 0-5, Relic cards level 0-4, and Neutral cards level 0-5.
  • Requirements: (do not count toward deck size) Jake Williams, Call of the Unknown, and 1 random basic weakness.

Sample Decklists

Useful Expansions

Helpful Tips

  • The investigate action granted by Ursula’s ability can be used on any action with a bold Investigate action designator (for example, you could trigger the ability on Flashlight or play the event Unearth the Ancients). It’s not limited to just the innate “investigate your location” action.
  • Taking the investigate action granted by Ursula’s ability does trigger attacks of opportunity from any ready enemies engaged with you.